• Senior Squeeze dates: June 13th - 28th

    Please be sure to print out any reports you need on June 28th. I will be taking down the credit recovery courses on that night to get ready for summer school.
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    Create a class using this naming convention:

    • School Number_School Level HS_ Sen Squ _Course Short Name _Teacher Last Name
    • For example: 460_HS_Sen Squ_BIO_Piekarski
    • Make sure you name your class correctly. I will be deleting teacher courses that have been used during the school year to clean up for the next year. I will know not to delete a class that starts with “School #_HS_ Sen Squ _”
    • Use underscores between each category.
    • Refer to the School Chart for school numbers.
    • Refer to the course chart for course short names
    • Create a class for every type of credit recovery course you use (for example: Biology, Chemistry, etc)
    • Be sure you are using the 2015-2016 assignments to assign the courses to your students
    • Do not subscribe to the 2016 Summer courses

    Add students to the class

    Assign the credit recovery course to the class or students

    Log in as each student to make sure they have the correct credit recovery course (before they start).

    If you add students to your class later on, you must also assign them the course. It is not automatic.

    Make a folder for every student which goes to the school registrar at the end of Senior Squeeze

    Collect the student’s notes at the end of their course and place them in their folder

    Print a final progress report for each student in their credit recovery course (which goes in their folder). Click here for list of steps.

    Print a student completion report for each class (don’t go by the grade that is listed on the report).

    Tell students to take their time and do a good job. They cannot repeat quizzes or tests unless it is programmed in the course via a decision point.

    Students can use their notes for activity quizzes

    Students cannot use their notes for lesson quizzes and chapter tests.

    Students can only take activity quizzes, lesson quizzes and chapter tests in the presence of their credit recovery teacher.

    Compass Writer Projects

    • Make sure your students click the “copy the question” icon before they start typing their answer so that you see the question when you grade the written work.
    • Go to “Courses & Assignments” and “Submitted Projects” to see and grade their written work.

    Be sure to fill out the Credit Recovery Final Grade Report

    Every student’s grades go in this file. The final grade will be automatically calculated. Email it to me bpiekarski@wsfcs.k12.nc.us

    Save the file as “your school name Sen Squ Credit Recovery Final Grade Report”