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    Revised due date April 24, 2020
    The President's Volunteer Service Award recognizes individuals and groups who perform community service.  It is a national award. Students who are active in the community are encouraged to keep track of their hours from April 22, 2019 to April 9, 2020 and submit these hours to the Arts Magnet Director NO LATER THAN April 10, 2020. Students will be recognized in the PTSA email newsletter, at Class Day, and on the website.  
    Students who are 16 or older and who complete at least 100 hours receive the Bronze Award. Students who complete at least 175 hours receive the Silver Award.  Students who complete at least 250 hours receive the Gold Award.  
    Students who are 15 or younger have lower hour requirements--50 hours for Bronze, 75 for Silver, 100 for Gold.
    Hours can now be submitted by filling out this -> Google Form
    Please put your age on your form so we know what award level you should receive. 
    Complete information on this award may be found at: 


    A sample log sheet is attached.  Parents may NOT verify hours--adult sponsors or supervisors of activities should verify the hours. Groups who log at least 200 hours may also win this award. Clubs should consider submitting for the group award.
    We will NOT require signatures this year.  We still need students to verify their hours.  There a place the log sheet can be attached in the Google form or it can be emailed separately.  If emailed please put in the subject: Pres Serv Log Sheet plus your full name.
    Email to Karen Morris ksmorris@wsfcs.k12.nc.us

    Service Hour Log Sheet -> Click here