Supplies Lists: 

    ·       Appropriate attire for class:

    ·       Shirts: T-shirts

    ·       Pants: Yoga Pants and or Athletic Leggings

    ·       Bare feet (But Shoes are required in hall.)

    ·       Water Bottle: To stay hydrated

    ·       Journal Notebook: To write daily journals

    ·       Pencil

    Required Recital attire

            •        TBA


    Daily Participation                                     40%

    Major Tests & Journal                             40%

    Quizzes/Class Assignments                  20%


    Daily Participation

    Students receive a grade for positive daily participation, attendance, and attitude. Students should earn points daily 100/ 100 unless deductions occur from the following infractions:

    ·       Failure to dress out for class: -20        

    ·       Leaving class w/o permission: -20     

    ·       Hair not up, jewelry, gum: -10

    ·       Disrespect to anyone: -20                     

    ·       Talking at inappropriate times  -10

    ·       Failure to follow teacher instructions -10             

    ·       Failure to respect our space: -10

    ·       Students will have five minutes after the tardy bell rings to dress out and be in assigned area.

    ·       Students will be given five minutes at the end of class and must stay in assigned area until bell for 2nd period.

    ·       Students are only allowed to sit out of dance class expect with a Doctor’s note and will be given an alternative assignment to earn daily participation points. Please bring a doctor’s note to school or fax it to: (336-748-3565)

    ·       Please refer to the attendance policy in you student handbook.  You may only miss 6 classes from the beginning of the semester to the week of the concert to be eligible to be in the Dance Recital; otherwise you will be given an alternative assignment.

    Final Exam is Art Night Showcase: Because Dance is a performing art, participation in the recital is a requirement.  Points will be assigned to rehearsal and performance; this includes one dress rehearsal after school and one night of performance. Failure to participate in the concert can be made up only by the completion of a substantial research paper.  If conflicts occur please make arrangements as soon as possible!