Alcohol & Other Drug Prevention/Intervention

  • Alcohol & Drug Prevention Education

    WS/FCS provides students in K-12 with an age-appropriate, grade sequential, alcohol and drug specific curriculum to equip them with accurate information and life skills which influence their decisions concerning the use of alcohol and drugs. Alcohol and drug prevention education empowers young people to avoid problems related to the use/abuse of chemical substances prior to their onset.

    Substance Use Intervention

    Recognizing that alcohol/drug use is a progressive addictive illness, a process to interrupt the use cycle of users has been implemented across all of our schools. Youth who experiment with any type of mood-altering substance could be at any place on the continuum of drug use, thus a thorough screening is imperative to determine the appropriate intervention for each individual. WS/FCS has contracted services with INSIGHT Human Services, Inc. to provide these screenings, and subsequent education and/or treatment interventions for students found in violation of our district's alcohol and drug policy. However, our  office is committed to helping find an appropriate resource for any family or student seeking help and support for a problem with substance use. We are here to help and calls will be kept confidential and may be made anonymously.

Drug Identification Resource Guides