• Welcome to High School, Class of 2023!

     About your freshman year..... The freshman year is a very important year in high school.  Everything you do during this year will affect your future. Your grades in your courses, test scores, community service, activities, leadership, and discipline records will affect the oppotunities your pursue after North Forsyth so do your best and if you have any questions or concerns please see your counselor.

    What should you be doing with this school year?

    • Get involved. Every month we have Club Day.  Get involved in something you are passionate about with people who have like interests.  See what you can do to better your school and community.  We also have clubs and sports that meet after school so you can be involved in as much as you have time for!
    • Take your studies seriously. The grades you get in your classes go on your transcript starting this year.  Each grade affects your average, which affects what your options are after graduation.
    • Make a system for keeping track of what you do.  Start a paper file or an eletronic file to keep up with your extracurricular activities, leadership, community service, honors, awards, summer opportunities, and jobs.  Colleges will as you about all 4 years of high school and it will be tough to remember it all once you're a senior and have to look back.  You can use CFNC.org as a resource to help you get started.