For the Class of 2020, the Future-Ready Core Course of Study requires 22 credits for graduation from a WS/FCS High School.
    4 Credits in ENGLISH....... English I, II, III, and  IV    
    4 Credits in MATH....... Math I, II, III and a Math beyond (Discrete Math, Advanced Functions, Essentials for College Math, or Pre-Calculus)
    4 Credits in SCIENCE...... Earth/Environmental Science, Biology, Physical Science or Chemistry, & a Science elective (Anatomy, Global Science Issues, AP Biology, AP Earth/Environmental, AP Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, or JROTC 2)
    4 Credits in SOCIAL STUDIES....... World History, Civics & Economics, American History I, and American History II (Note: If a student takes AP US History, this replaces American History I & II and their 4th Social Studies will be Psychology-Regular/Honors/AP or AP Human Geography)
    2 Credits in PE/HEALTH...... PE I or Dance 1A, PE II or Dance 1B, Life Management Skills, and Health (Note: If a student takes JROTC 1, they will have fulfilled their PE II and Life Management Skills requirements.)
    4 Credits in ELECTIVES...... 2 Electives in a concentration of CTE, World Languages, or the Arts and 2 Electives in CTE, World Languages, Arts, JROTC, or other subject area