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    Life Skills:
    Life Management Skills is a semester long course typically taken by incoming freshman and is a requirement for graduation. Life Skills was developed to teach students about the importance of good character, role models, goal setting, responsible and healthy relationships, personal health, citizenship, financial management, and the tools and skills needed for success in high school and the years to follow.

    Physical Education:
    The Physical Education Staff is looking forward to this school year and in helping your children become physically educated. We are very proud of our Physical Education program at Tabor and the part it plays in the total high school educational experience. The aim of the Physical Education program is to develop the total fitness of young men and young women. This year, a major emphasis will be on the development of skills in the many individual and dual sports and on activities that can become valuable recreational assets that help promote total fitness in adult life.We also believe that it is the behavior of students, which takes place after school (and at home) which has the greatest influence on a students' health and fitness. Therefore, we ask that the parents help us achieve our goals by offering healthy meals, promoting physical activity and modeling a healthy lifestyle. Together we can help your child become a healthy and active teen and adult.



    Cromwell, Patrick / Health



    Kota, Jamie / Team Sports, Weightlifting



    Boles, Erica / Health, Life Skills



    Rhodes, Taylor / Physical Education



    Thigpen, Eddie/ Physical Education



    Wesselman, Robyn / Life Skills, P.E.