Spartan Battalion Drill Camp 8-11 August 2016- Our path back to the National Drill Championships begins at SPEAS Global Elementary School, 1000-1300 hours.

    The Mt Tabor Spartan JROTC Program (The Spartan Battalion) has a mission to motivate young people to become better citizens.

    We are an elective class and teach (1) Citizenship in Action: (2) Leadership Theory and Application; (3) Foundations for Academic Success, (4)Wellness, Fitness, and First Aid; (5) Geography, Map Skills, and Land Navigation; (6) Citizenship in American History and Government; and (7) Marksmanship Safety and Application. We also have a voluntary extra-curricular component in which we field teams to compete against other JROTC programs.

    Electronic versions of our texts are here:
    LET 1 Student Text
    LET 2 Student Text 
    LET 3 Student Text 

    Our co-curricular programs are normally extremely competitive: we competed at the National Championship level in one event in 2012-13, three in 2014-15 and three more in 2015-16. Master Sergeant Kearney and I believe that in order to best prepare our Cadets for successful futures, we need to provide them with the tools to be successful (structure, high standards, skills, etc.), show them that the only path to excellence includes a lot of hard work (practice, commitment, team building, etc.) and then give them plenty of opportunities to succeed in competition.

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    Benfield, Jay / JROTC



    Tiddy, James  (Senior Army Instructor) / JROTC