• AWED: The Sophomore Project

    To get an overview of the project, please read the information below. English II teachers will also provide more information during the school year.

    English II teachers for 2018-2019:
    Gerianne Bartlett / Emily Houlditch/ Melanie Murphy / Jennifer Martin / Laurie Schaefer

    Welcome to AWED! The Sophomore English teachers are excited to share with you information about the Sophomore Project, called AWED. AWED, or Another Way to Educate and Demonstrate, is a means by which students can research a topic of their choice, write an MLA-formatted research paper, create a visual project, and then present their hard work via presentation and showcase towards the end of the semester.

    The different parts of the project, are outlined below. This project will have a major effect on grades for the semester, as grades will be given for all assignments involved with the project. Deadlines will be strictly set to help students pace themselves and develop time management skills, and so they do not become overwhelmed in the last few weeks.

    All of the information below is vital to your student completing AWED successfully. Please read it carefully, and be sure to ask your student's English teacher if you have any questions.

    Project Outline:

    The Research Paper:
    MLA-formatted research paper on an academic topic of your choice. Completely immerse yourself in a topic for this project, satisfying your curiosity!  Both the first and final draft of the research paper must be uploaded to turnitin.com. 
    Paper length:
    • Standard: 2-3 pages
    • Honors: 4-6 pages
    • Seminar: 8 pages
    Each student will complete a visual product. 

    All levels: a hands-on project that takes a minimum of 10 hours (standard) or 15 hours (honors/seminar) that teaches something about your topic

    In-Class Presentation:
    In the weeks leading up to Showcase, you will give a formal, in-class presentation where you present the work you have done.  The presentation includes writing a speech and learning speech techniques. 

    The presentation date is also when the visual project is due.

    Presentation length:
    • Standard: 4-6 minutes
    • Honors: 5-7 minutes
    • Seminar: 6-8 minutes
    Showcase Night:
    On Showcase night, you must come to school from 6:30-8:30 to showcase all of your work. There will be a program in the auditorium where top projects are featured for parents, staff, and your peers.Every sophomore in English II will set up a booth throughout the halls of the school displaying all of his/her work so visitors can learn about the variety of topics presented. The requirements for the booth will be explained by each English teacher in class.

    More Project Details and Reminders:
    You must upload your research paper to turnitin.com or it will not be graded! Uploading it late means that you will lose points on your overall grade. If it is more than five days late, you will get a zero.Cheating and plagiarism are violations of the honor code, and students will fail the assignment and be turned into administration if the violate the honor code.In-class presentations must be given on the day they are assigned unless there is an emergency verified by a parent or guardian.Students who do not complete the research paper and project requirements and do not give a presentation cannot participate in the Showcase, since they will have nothing to present. This means they will receive a zero for the Showcase.The Showcase is required. Students who have transportation issues must let their teachers know ahead of time.