• ESL Academy

    Location:  Winston-Salem Prep Academy at Historic Atkins High School, on 1215 N. Cameron Avenue, Winston-Salem, NC 27101.

    Phone:  336.703.6732

    Program Objectives 

    • To assist and instruct WIDA level 1 EL students who have limited reading proficiency in English.
    • To assist and instruct WIDA level 1 EL students whose age would make them eligible for entering 6th - 9th grades in our system.
    • To assist students in developing basic English language skills through the instruction of middle and high school grade content.
    • To offer students the opportunity to earn appropriate academic high school credit if they complete satisfactory work to earn this credit.
    • To increase the likelihood of academic success for these students when they leave the ESL Academy and attend a WSFCS ESL site.

    Purpose: The ESL Academy is designed for middle and high school EL students who have limited English proficiency. Depending on the student's level of academic and English skill, ESL academy students will receive modified curriculum and instruction in Science, Social Studies, ESL and Mathematics.

    Personnel: The ESL Academy is staffed by three highly-qualified teachers and a bilingual assistant who provide instruction using the latest scientifically proven strategies. Content instruction is delivered utilizing proven ESL strategies via a sheltered content instruction language methodology. The SIOP and WIDA standards are an integral part of the ESL Academy.

    Location and size: The ESL Academy is located at Winston-Salem Prep. Academy at the Historic Atkins High School. The ESL Academy is designed to accommodate 45 students, which allows for small class sizes.

    Grading: Students will be graded appropriately based on their abilities and the content they have mastered.

    Duration: ESL Academy students can attend the ESL Academy for two full semesters if necessary. However, ESL Academy staff and administrators will review student progress at the end of each academic year to determine appropriate placement for the following year.

    Transportation: ESL Academy students will receive bus transportation to the ESL Academy.

    Entrance Guidelines to the ESL Academy:

    1. Middle school age levels (12, 13 and 14 years old)
    2. High school age levels (15, 16 and 17 years old)
    3. W-APT Score requirements – demonstrates low literacy levels (Reading/Writing combination)
      • Level 2 - Emerging (Speaking)
      • Level 2 - Emerging (Listening)
      • Level 1 - Beginning (Reading)
      • Level 1 - Beginning (Writing)