• 4th Grade  HAG Supply List    

    box of 24 colored pencils

    10 glue sticks

    pack of #2 pencils (least 24 pencils per student)

    erasers (pencil-top and others)

    1 box of markers (fine tip)

    1 pack of loose leaf paper (wide rule)

    Large zippered pencil pouch (no boxes please)

    8 Composition Books (wide rule) and (different colors would be helpful)

    2  one subject Spiral Notebooks (wide-rule)

    Solid colored 2-pocket folders (this needs to last all year)

    1  (1 1/2 ) 3 inch-ring binder (this needs to last all year)

    book bag (no wheels)

    2 boxes of zip-lock bags (1 quart/1 gallon size)

    scissors (child size)

    1 large package of plastic page protectors (25 or more)

    1 package of 5 pocket tab dividers (these need to last all year)

    1 protractor

    1 package post-it notes (different colors are helpful)

    1 clipboard

    Wish List

    Expo Markers (regular tip)

    Paper Towels

    Lysol/Clorox Wipes

    Fine-Point Felt-tip pens (no Sharpies, please) (different colors are helpful)

    Brightly Colored Copy paper

    Kleenex (1 box per child)

    book rings  (that snap shut)

    colored index cards (any size)

    Metal rulers (found at Staples)

    Stickers and Magnets



    It would be helpful if your child brought his or her supplies to our Open House on August 25th.  Please place them in a brown paper bag with his or her name on it.

    Many Thanks! 

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