The first week of school (Aug.29- Sept. 2)

  • As you know we are trying a different process for those students entering Kindergarten this year. Below is the layout of the week.

    Monday: Each child will be brought to the school by an adult for the scheduled screening time (which you signed up for at Open House). During this time the child will meet with one of the Kindergarten teachers to see what they know: ABC's, numbers, etc. Then once all the screenings are done we will assign each student to a teacher and a group (either A or B) and we will call you that evening to let you know what days your child will come to school.

    Tuesday: ONLY group A students will come to school for the full day.

    Wednesday: ONLY group B students will come to school for the full day.

    Thursday and Friday: All students will come to school all day.


    **Group A and Group B are no different from each other! We are simply splitting the class in half so we as teachers can get to know our students better in a smaller setting for one day. This will also help students learn some of their daily routines and tasks in a smaller group.**