• Big6 Research Method

    Big6 is a six-stage model used in WSFCS  to help anyone solve problems or make decisions by using information. Some call it information literacy, information communication, or ICT skills. 

    Using the Big6 information literacy process, students will identify information, research goals, seek, use, and assemble relevant, credible information, and then reflect on the process and the final product.  


    Step 1: Task Definition

    -define the problem and the information needed 

    What is the theme or topic of my project? 
    How will my project be evaluated? 
    What does my teacher expect from me for a good grade? 

    Step 2: Information Seeking Strategies

    - brainstorm and select the best sources 

    What are the best examples of resources for the project? 
    Non-Fiction Books and Reference Materials (i.e., Encyclopedias) 
    Internet links and Data bases from Mrs. Bobbitt's Web site

    Knowledgeable people (teacher, librarian, experts) 

    Magazines, newspapers, and other periodicals 
    Other resources:_______________________ 

    Step 3: Locate and Access

    - find the resources and the information within the resources 

    Did I... 

    Access the Web sites and research databasesthrough the Library Web site? 
    Search the DestinyCatalog to locate books in the library? 
    Browse the appropriate sections of the library? 
    Ask Mrs. Bobbitt, Ms. Jacob or my teacher important questions?

    Step 4: Information Usage

    - record relevant information 

    Have I skimmed and scanned the information so I understand the information? 
    Do my notescards include specific details, facts, and important information that are organized by topic? 
    Have I recorded the citation information for my resources on source cards?

    Have I drawn my own conclusions and explained the information in my own words? 
    Have I avoided plagiarismto the best of my knowledge? 

    Step 5: Communication/Synthesis

    - create the project 

    What is the best way to communicate or present my project? 
    Have I included all that I have learned? 
    Have I followed all of the project requirements and guidelines? 
    Have I formatted my Works Cited page using the MLA format? 

    Step 6: Evaluation


    - judge the product and process 

    How do I rate my project? Am I proud of my work? 
    How would my teacher rate my project according to the assignment rubric? 
    How would I improve my research for the next project? 


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