• Grading Policy:


    50% of your grade is participation.  Having your instrument out, and trying.  Even, if you are having a "bad day" or feeling sick.  Simply trying your best will ensure your A!


    20% of your grade are playing tests.  Each playing test will be announced in advanced.  Some may simply be hearing you play a part by yourself, you and a stand partner together, or an entire section all at once. You will always have a chance to redo a playing test until you pass it off.  There is no 90% in music.  Its 100% or nothing at all! 


    20% of your grade is performing in the concert.  There are 2 concerts per school year:  A winter concert and a spring concert.  Wether you sing or play an instrument, you are a performer.  Performers and musicians perform!!!  Simply coming to the concert and playing your part earns you an automatic A.


    You are expected to perform on the concert.  If you do not perform, you are required to perform your ENTIRE part you were supposed to play, and have it graded as a playing test/ or be required to complete a written project, equal to that of a English Language Arts assignment, graded by a rubric.


    10% of you grade is practice logs.  The only homework you have is to practice your music you are learning in class.  You will be required to practice a minimum of 30 minutes a week.  That comes out to 10 minutes, 3 times a week.  There is no cramming for a performance.  The more you practice, the better you will get!!!  Also, think of this as a sports team.  They have daily practice to prepare for the big game.  It takes everyones individual effort to make the team perform together to win.  Our class is the same!  Your effort in practice not only makes you sound good, but makes the entire orchestra program one of the best groups of the school!!!