• Private Lessons:


    While not required, I strongly suggest students who are interested in further advancement and competitiveness take private lessons, to supplement classroom learning.

    **A private teacher is not a tutor to teach you your music you learn in class.  They are there to give you the proper techniques and learn beyond the classroom experience!**

    While you receive superior instruction in class, I cannot provide individual help all the time.  A private teacher on your instrument can give your child the tips and individual techniques, tailored to their needs.

    Getting private lessons also helps students prepare for auditions, gives the student more success, and makes their playing experience exponentially better.

    There are many private teachers available at local music stores.  I recommend taking a few lessons with a private teacher to see if they are a good fit for your child and the teacher.  If they are not, find another teacher that seems to have a better chemistry.  Usually, this is not a problem.


    Other playing opportunities outside of school:

    Winston Salem Forsyth County Schools has a yearly event called All County Orchestra.  This is an auditioned orchestra that is open to ALL students in a orchestra program.  You are required to learn scales and a solo work that every student learns in the county.  

    There are two orchestras that it is possible to audition into, based on your auditioned score.  The Repertory Orchestra is the lower level group, for students who are in the developing process.  The Honors Orchestra is for students who are advanced in playing technique and perform a higher level of music.

    The orchestra performs at RJR High School in a public performance on a professional stage.

    Every student I've ever had has auditioned into one of the two ensembles.  The only way you are guaranteed not to pass the audition is if you do not try.


    For students who want a year round performance experience is encouraged to audition for the Winston Salem Symphony Youth Orchestra

    The youth orchestras perform in concerts, separate from school.  They are conducted by experienced teachers and conductors with students from all over the county.  There are multiple orchestras for students at every level, from beginner to college bound.  There are even opportunities for students to play in a side by side concert with the Winston Salem Symphony.

    While this is a private organization, and there is a fee for performing, there are scholarships available, as long as you ask.  Again, the only way you will not get in to an orchestra is not to try.