• Continuing and Advanced Orchestra Information

    7th Grade Continuing Orchestra, is for students who took strings in the 6th grade and are advancing. This class begins with a complete review of 6thgrade topics and performance techniques.  By 2nd Quarter, students will begin learning more intermediate topics, and prepares students to perform in concerts while reading sheet music and independent parts. 

    8th Grade Advanced Orchestra, is where both 7th grade beginning and 7th grade continuing orchestras merge for the culmination and final advancement at the middle school level.  Students review techniques from the previous year, and further their knowledge of musical and technical concepts, to prepare them for high school orchestra. In 8th Grade Orchestra, the music and technical skill is more complex, using all the techniques learned in 6th and 7th grade, and learning new use of bowing,shiftingvibrato, and sight reading skills. 

    All students initially will start with method books that they have used in the previous years. The book that we use is called "Essential Elements for Strings", which students have learned the fundamentals of reading music rhythms, and notes, learning basic techniques of pitch, how to pluck (pizzicato) and bow on the string, and learning how to play songs individually and as a group. 

    Students will then rapidly transition to reading sheet music and learn solo music. 


    Concerts/Performance Opportunities:

    There will be school and outside performance opportunities with the orchestra.

    All orchestra students are required to perform in concerts.  The concert is the culmination of all of the semester’s work.  It is also a project grade worth 20% of your grade!  If you cannot attend a concert for any reason, you will be required to do an additional project, with the same rigor of any ELA or Social Studies class, and will be graded by rubric, or, you can choose to record your part of the entire concert, to be graded as a playing test.

    There are 2 school concerts for the school year:

    ·         Winter Concert will be December 15th, 7PM

    ·         Spring Concert will be May 11th , 7PM

    Grading Policy:

    50% of your grade is participation.  

    20% of your grade are playing tests.  

    20% of your grade is performing in the concert

    10% of you grade is practice logs.