• For students wanting more playing experiences and extra challenges, WSFCS has an auditioned All County Orchestra.  Students will learn a solo, and a scale.  They will audition for a score that will determine what orchestra they should be in.  There are two possible orchestras: The Repertory Orchestra, and the Honors Orchestra.  Depending on how well, you audition, this will determine what orchestra you will make it into.  Mr. Peller will prepare you for this solo.  The only way you are guaranteed not to pass an audition, is not to try.

    ·         All County Audition: October 27th 3-5PM at Paisley IB School

    ·         All County Evening Rehearsal: January 26th, at Reynolds High School

    ·         All County All day rehearsal: January 27th 8AM-3PM at Reynolds High School

    ·         All County Concert:  January 28th 9AM-1PM