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    People touch our lives. They give us hope, laughter, joy, love, and tears.  These people have touched our hearts at Rural Hall School and will forever be remembered and missed.  In March of each year, we host a Talent Show in honor of Susan and Abrian - The Susan Hollifield and Abrian Carroll-Lindsay Memorial Talent Show.  Our students present their talents and raise money for summer student enrichment scholarships.

    Abrian Carroll-Lindsay
    Abrian was a delightful, happy, curious, determined to do his best, sweet, first grader at Rural Hall School.  He enjoyed participating in activities with his classmates and grade level.  He is missed by his family and everyone that knew him.  
    Below are some pictures of his life and adventures.  There is a beautiful fountain at the main entrance to our building in his memory. He passed away in May 2012.
    Abrian    Pictures of Abrian and family
    More photos of Abrian.
    Abrian   Abrian in the gym  
    Abrian's Fountain
    fountain   inscription

    Susan Hollifield
    Our school community lost a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Susan Hollifield.  She taught first grade and second grade for many years.  Mrs. Hollifield loved all things "Disney", and traveled to Disney World often. A memory garden has been planted outside her classroom in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head, with those famous "ears."  The school had a fabulous talent show to honor Mrs. Hollifield and raise money for student enrichment scholarships.  The 1st annual "Susan Hollifield Talent Show" was an enormous success and has continued for several years.  She passed away in October 2011.

     Below are some pictures and memories of Mrs. Hollifield.

    Chef Mickey Mouse with Ms. Hollifield

    Chef Mickey Mouse with Susan

    Spanish Mickey Mouse with Ms. Hollifield

    Spanish Mickey Mouse with Susan

    Minnie Mouse with Ms. Hollifield

    Minnie Mouse with Susan

    Ms. Hollifield with car

    Goofy with Ms. Hollifield

    Goofy with Susan

    Pluto with Ms. Hollifield

    Pluto with Susan

     Below is a recent picture of her garden.
    Holifield garden
     The staff made stepping stones.  There is a bench and bird bath - a lovely place to read.

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