All individuals who want to volunteer MUST register online. Here are the instructions for getting started.
    Go to the following link: https://www.wsfcsvolunteers.com/
    Click on: "New Volunteer? Click here to register."
    • Create a login/password--Complete all information.
    • Indicate school(s) at which you plan to volunteer.
    • Indicate/check your interests.
    • Submit Registration.
    If your submission is not accepted initially, add information that might have been omitted, making sure you mark (√) the interest category boxes again.
    • After submitting your application, you will receive an email verification notice--(serves to ensure your email address is valid).
    • Respond to it, so the processing of your application can start. (You must respond!)

    After your application is processed/cleared, you will be notified by email from clearance@wsfcsvolunteers.com.

    Your name will appear on the list of cleared volunteers for Speas.

    Please contact us to arrange a convenient time to come in and discuss a placement.

    Diletta M. Stewart, MS, NCC

    School Counselor

    Speas Global Elementary School 

    2000 W. Polo Road

    Winston- Salem, NC 27106

    336-703-4135 ext. 78111


Last Modified on August 22, 2023