• Bach's Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor BWV 565 2 different ways

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    Everyone thinks of the scary holloween music when they hear Tocatta and Fuge in D minor.  However, this "scary" work was actualy written as a church prelude or a part of a church service.  

    It only became "scary" when it was featured in "Phantom of the Opera".  Since then, it has been the assumption that its only for scary things.

    Scary though it may sound, it happens to be one of Bach's most favorite piece that is often played.

    Listen to 2 different performances.  The first a very traditional way of playing the music.  

    The second way is with an orchestra.  The late conductor Leopold Stokowski took Bach's music and transcribed it for a full orchestra.  Rather than use the organ, Stokowski used all the instruments of the orchestra to imitate the sound of the organ, and even create new sounds that Bach would never have dreamed of!

     Which do you like best?

    When you are watching, notice how the organist has 3 different keyboards, and even a keyboard he has to play with his feet!

    1. Bach Tocatta and Fugue - Performed by Sean Jackson

    2. Bach Tocatta and Fugue - Performed byLondon Symphony orchestra

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  • Two Artists: Disney and Salvador Dali

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    Walt Disney was an inovator of art and film.  Beyond Micky Mouse, Disney inovated anamation and film making, inventing new ways of making films. 

    Salvador Dali was one of the words most amazing surrealist artists of the 20th century.  One of his most famous works was "The Persistance of Memory"  that is recognisable by the melting clocks in a landscape.


    Salvador Dali and Disney co-created a project where Dali would make the art, and Disney would supply the music and animation.

    Music and the arts are very intertwined into our daily lives.  This video takes you to a new level of apprecation of both:

    Disney's Destino

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  • Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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    This film is about a short time when Beethoven happens to take up residence in a person's house who's father had recently died, and their mom needs the money in rent to support the family.

    The child initially does not like Beethoven because of all the strange sounds and behaviors he has.

    Why do you think the boy initally does not like Beethoven?

    What does he learn about Beethoven that changes his perception of him?

    How do you think other people may have preceived how Beethoven was as a person in real life?

    Why do you think that people thought of him as a mean person?


    Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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  • 2 Cellist, Same Piece

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    The prelude to the bach cello suite in G major is one of the most beautiful works ever written.

    Two of the most amaizng cellist in the world is Yo Yo Ma, and the late Mistoslav Rostropovich.

    Both are the highest caliber musicians.  Both play the exact same music, but do they both sound the same?

    What do you think makes them sound different?





    How they hold the bow?

    How they hold the instrument?

    Do they play with the same tempo?  

    Do they use similar or different bowings?

    How do all those factors make the same excact piece sound so very different?

    1. Bach Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major. Prelude - Yo Yo Ma

    2. Bach Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major. Prelude - Mistoslav Rastropovich

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  • Compare and Contrast 2 Orchestras

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    Watch and Listen to the exact same music played by 2 different conductors and 2 different orchestras.

    Ask yourself the following:

    How are they simliar or differenty by:

    Tempo (how fast or slow)

    Energy (is one more energenic than the other)

    Age of the orchestra members (younger or older group)

    Diversity (are there mostly all men or women, or are they equal.  Are various ethnicities represented)

    Any other differences?

    Orchestra 1. Leonard Bernstein - Beethoven Symphony 5

    Orchestra 2. Gustavo Dudamel - Beethoven Symphony 5

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