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    Image Library of Congress - Benjamin Franklin
     American Association of Editorial Cartoonists 
    Association of American Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC):  “The AAEC sponsors a Cartoons for the Classroom program designed to aid educators at all levels in teaching history, economics, social studies and current events. All images on this website are protected under copyright law.”

     aunt ethels war  
    Aunt Ethel’s War: The most complete collection of WW II political cartoons on the web. "Nearly 3,500 different examples of political commentary, war news and propaganda (1941-1945), all in editorial cartoon form" from the scrapbooks of Miss Ethel Snoddy.

     billy ireland  
    Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum:  From The Ohio State University, 18 digital exhibits of cartoon artists from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Editorial, war, humor, politics, the African American experience and more.
    Cagle Cartoons
    Cagle Cartoons:  Political cartoons from around the country. Top ten cartoons of the week, search by topics, artists and dates.
    Cartoon Prints, American: From the Library of Congress; this assemblage of more than 500 prints made in America during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries encompasses several forms of political art.
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    cartoon america  

    Cartoon America
      From the Library of Congress’ Art Wood Collection of Cartoon and Caricature 102 drawings that “include political illustrations, gag cartoons, comic strips, illustrations, animation, and caricature.”
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    Cartoon Drawings:  The Cartoon Drawings filing series offers more than 9,000 original drawings for editorial cartoons, caricatures, and comic strips spanning the late 1700s to the present, primarily from 1880 to 1980.
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    cartoon movement

    Cartoon Movement: "A global collaborative platform for editorial cartoons and comics journalism" from around the world. 
    dr seuss went to war  
    Doctor Seuss Went to War:  Online exhibit of 388 political cartoons published by Dr. Seuss in the New York newspaper PM during the years 1941-1943.The Dr. Seuss Collection in the Mandeville Special Collections Library at the University of California, San Diego and the Library of Congress.

    new deal network  
    FDR and the Supreme Court:  Political Cartoons and the Court Packing Episode. The New Deal Network has digitized 125 editorial cartoons from the Basil O'Conner Collection at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library.

    harp week  
    Harpweek: From the Library of Congress
    Herblock!: “The Library of Congress celebrates Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Herb Block with a look at his remarkable seventy-two-year career. These cartoons represent Block’s ability to wield his pen effectively and artfully, using it to condemn corruption and expose injustice, inequality, and immorality on topics including the Great Depression, the rise of fascism and World War II, communism and the Cold War, Senator Joseph McCarthy, race relations, Richard Nixon, the Reagan era, the 2000 election, and more."
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    oliphant's anthem  
    Oliphant’s Anthem: Library of Congress exhibition of editorial cartoonist Pat Oliphant works including war, presidential campaigns, Richard Nixon and domestic issues. 
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    running for office  
    Running for Office - Candidates, Campaigns, and the Cartoons of Clifford Berryman: From 1898-1948, renowned cartoonist Clifford K. Berryman, illustrate(ed) the campaign process from the candidate’s decision to run for office to the ultimate outcome of the election. From The National Archives. 

    thomas nast cartoons  


    Thomas Nast Cartoons: Includes information on Nast, his cartoons regarding Chinese exclusion, Irish Catholics, emancipation and biography. 
    Harry S Truman  
    Truman Library Cartoons: Includes cartoons from the 1948 campaign, the Berlin Airlift, WW II, Taft-Hartley, Douglas MacArthur Act and more. 
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