• Sending Transcripts to Colleges
    There are several ways to send transcripts, depending on:
       • What methods each particular college uses
       • What method or which software program you are using to apply
    The various methods are outlined below. 
    View Transcript Request Form  Note: This form is only an example.  Please refer
    to individual colleges for the most up-to-date application deadlines and transcript instructions. 
    Counselor sends transcript online
       There are several online admissions application programs that generate
       electronic requests for transcripts by sending counselors and email asking 
       them to upload a transcript to the college(s).  Some of those programs are:
       • Common Application
       • Send Edu
       • Apply Web
       You will be asked on some applications to either provide a counselor's email
       address (so that the school can send him/her an email request for a transcript), 
       OR to print out an instruction sheet with an online access code for the 
       counselor, so that he/she can log in and upload your transcript.
    Student requests an online transcript through CFNC
       CFNC is the only online application process that allows students to initiate the
       sending of online transcripts.  Therefore, students may send their own online 
       transcripts, without involving a counselor, ONLY to those schools they are
       applying to through CFNC (which includes ONLY schools that are in 
       North Carolina).  Students should go to the "Transcript Manager"
       button on: www.cfnc.org and follow the instructions. Students should check
       Transcript Manager after 48 hours to make sure the status says
       "Complete" (not Failed or Pending).
    Student is asked to upload an electronic transcript file directly into
    the admissions application
       Schools ask that a student upload an unofficial electronic transcript file into the
       admissions application.  The student can request this file from his/her
       counselor by bringing a flash drive to Guidance. 
    Counselor mails a hard copy of the transcript
       If you are not using CFNC to apply, and have not been instructed that the
       counselor will be prompted to send an online transcript, then you are to
       ask for a hard copy of your transcript to be mailed to the college(s).