NCAA Eligibility Center (formerly NCAA Clearing House)

    Do you want to continue to compete in track & field and/or cross country after high school? In order to do so at any NCAA Division I or II college/university you must register and be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center. You must apply and be approved prior to your freshman year of college or you will not be allowed to be on the team or to accept any athletic scholarships. It is recommended to apply to the NCAA Eligibility Center before the end of your 11th grade school year. Final certification will come after graduation.


    What is the NCAA Eligibility Center?

    The NCAA Eligibility Center was created to bring academic and amateurism certifications together under one roof. Its purpose is to ensure that college-bound student-athletes, as well as coaches and administrators, understand the requirements to participate in NCAA Divisions I and II athletics.

    All incoming freshman who plan on attending any NCAA Division I or II university MUST register with the NCAA Eligibility Center, meet all academic and amateur requirements and be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center.



    What are the NCAA Eligibility Center standards I must meet?

    The standards issued by the NCAA Eligibility Center are slightly different for Division I and Division II but are based on the same four principles:

    • You must graduate from high school.
    • You must successfully complete all core courses.
    • You must have a minimum 2.300 GPA in core courses for Division I, you must have a minimum 2.000 GPA in core courses for Division II; and
    • You must have a minimum qualifying score on the ACT or SAT

    How do I register with the NCAA Eligibility Center?

    For registration information, visit the NCAA Eligibility Center website at https://web1.ncaa.org/eligibilitycenter/common/ or contact NCAA Eligibility Center at the address and phone listed below:

    NCAA Eligibility Center 
    P.O. Box 7136 
    Indianapolis, IN 46207-7136 
    (877) 262-1492 
    Call Center Hours: 8a.m. - 6p.m. EST Monday-Friday
Last Modified on November 28, 2017