• Junior Classical League (JCL) at Atkins

    Latin teacher Stephan Duga launched a new academic team at Atkins HS this year called Junior Classical League (JCL). The team attended its first competition at the Fall Forum hosted by UNC-Greensboro Saturday, October 28. 

    This contest, or "Certamen," was just a preliminary to the events later in the year. "Our teams got some questions right, so considering they hadn't done this before, I was really pleased," said Duga. 

    "We all really enjoyed it and learned a lot. JCL allows for students who like Latin and mythology to learn more about them and compete in quiz bowl-like matches against others with the same interests," said team member Adam Ernest.

    Atkins had two teams for Certamen (the quiz bowl like part), a "novice" team of three Latin 1 students and an "advanced" team of three Latin 3 students (including Ernest). Neither team won their divisions, but the experience was rewarding and fun.