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    FCS Description

    Who: Open to all Flat Rock Middle School students.

    What: FCS stands for Fellowship of Christian Students. FCS is a non-denominational service club. Its purpose is to provide Christian fellowship & the opportunity to serve the school & community, as well as share the love of Christ with all. FCS will include a combination of activities such as bible study, testimonies, discussions, guest speakers, school outreach, snacks, drinks, movies, games, gym time, etc.

    When: FCS will meet on Friday afternoon’s right after school until 5 pm.

    Where: We will be meeting primarily in the band room down the encore hallway, but will also use the gym sometimes too.

    Why: FCS is intended to present students with the challenge of knowing Jesus Christ as their personal Lord & Savior, & serving Him in their relationships. Membership in FCS is 100% voluntary & open to all Flat Rock students. Meeting attendance is also voluntary.

    How: FCS is a student led group, which means students have a major voice to help influence everything that we do!