• Discover the Rain Forest!

    Many animals live in a tropical rain forest. Some of them have bright colors. The red-eyed tree frog is one of those animals. What are some others? What a Colorful Place! A tropical rain forest is a warm, wet place. It is a home for many animals. Many kinds of plants grow there too

    The Layers of the Rainforest

    The emergent layer is the top layer. It is made up of the tops of the very tallest trees. It is home to many birds and insects. Macaws fly up in the trees here. They like to call loudly to each other. These birds eat fruits, nuts, and flowers. The canopy is made up of the tops of most other rain forest trees. It is home to many animals. Sloths hang upside down from tree branches here. Big, strong claws on the sloth's feet help it grab a branch. The furry sloth does not move much.

    The understory is a dark, cool layer under the leaves of many trees. Emerald tree boas wrap around branches of trees here. The boa hunts at night to catch birds and other small animals. This snake can open its jaws wide enough to swallow a bird whole!

    The forest floor is dark and damp. Not much sunlight reaches it. Leafcutter ants work hard here, using their sharp jaws to cut pieces of leaves. This ant carries leaves that are 20 times its weight. That is like a person carrying a 1-ton load!



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