• Lottery
    Atkins will have a lottery again for next year. All students who apply during the magnet enrollment period* will be entered into the lottery.  Students who apply at the beginning of the magnet period will have NO advantage over those who apply near the end of the magnet period. 
    Once names have been drawn for slots available, the remaining names will still be drawn and placed, in order of drawing, on the waiting list.  From that point forward through the time teacher allotments are made for the next school year, students will be invited from the waiting list if there are cancellations of slots from those accepted.  Once teacher allotments have been made for the next school year, waiting list candidates can be accepted only if their schedules can be accommodated based on space available in the desired courses. Atkins anticipates accepting 300 freshmen for the 2020-2021 school year.
    *Hanes Magnet School students who complete a magnet application are exempt from the lottery since Hanes is the direct feeder school for Atkins.  Students who will have a sibling enrolled at Atkins next year and who complete a magnet application are exempt from the lottery. Once the number of slots is established and the number of Hanes students and students with siblings is established, we will then know how many lottery slots are available.  For example, if there are three hundred open slots, if Hanes has one hundred students who applied, and fifty students with siblings at Atkins have applied, then there will be one hundred and fifty names drawn from the lottery.