Were you out on Friday, October 23?
    From Jostens - The online order for cap and gown packages is open.  You will need to place this order by Monday, November 2.  Go to the link to open the Reagan catalog for Jostens.  Jostens' Reagan Catalog
    If you had your picture taken on Friday and want to order pictures from LifeTouch, you can still use the links located below (under Online Resources).
    You can still pay the online fees using the link located under Online Resources.
    Diploma name check - a person from Guidance will contact you as needed for spelling verification.
    Yearbook Quotes (FOR ALL YEARBOOK QUESTIONS - e-mail Mrs. Martin) - Click here to Enter your senior quote

    Letter from September 14, 2020this is the first e-mail that went out regarding basic information for the Senior Day.  Look for more over the next few days.

    Letter from September 16, 2020 - this is the second e-mail you should have received.  This contains ordering information, order forms, and catalogs from Jostens. 

    Letter from September 17, 2020this is the third e-mail you should have received.  It has information about LifeTouch photos and paying Senior Fees.

    Letter from September 23, 2020 - this is the fourth e-mail you should have received.  It has information on graduation signs and the link to sign 


    Online Resources

    Jostens Catalog

    Jostens Order Form  - there will be a Zoom meeting for those parents with questions on filling out forms.  Date TBA - check back in October.

    Ordering a Cap and Gown Package Only - sample form for those who only want to order a cap and gown

    Ordering a Package Deal - sample form for those ordering one of Jostens' package offerings

    Ordering from the Back Page - information on ordering materials a la carte.

    LifeTouch Order Form - note that everyone should have their photo taken for the yearbook, even if you are not ordering pictures.  If you are ordering online, the code for these photos is EVTGC24QC on mylifetouch.com.  

    CLICK HERE for the link to pay senior fees online.  We are offering a discounted rate for online payments.  Online is $25, paying on October 23 is $30.  You can also click here for a PDF with additional information on making the payment online.








    Q:  What if I can't make it to school on Friday, October 23?

    A:  Watch this page for more information about what to do to make up events.


    Q:  Do I need to order a tassel for my cap and gown?

    A:  No.  The information packet sent home states "Your cap/gown/stole order does include the tassel used at graduation."  Any stacked tassel ordered is solely for personally use, not for use at graduation.


    Q:  If I only want to order a cap/gown/stole package, do I have to pay the $11.95 Shipping and Handling?

    A:  If you only order the cap/gown/stole package, you can strike out the $11.95 shipping and handling.  If you order anything else, you will need to factor the $11.95 into your total.  For Cap & Gown packages only, your total on the front side is $34.50.  (Sales tax is $2.33 for a total of $36.83.)  


    Q:  When will I receive my cap/gown/stole order?

    A:  Caps and gowns are delivered to the school.  They are distributed on Class Day.  However, any monies owed to Jostens will delay the receipt of your graduation materials.  Reagan does not collect any monies owed to Jostens. 

    Students who are in academic jeopardy, owe money to the school or Jostens, or who have debts with the Media Center will not receive their cap and gown in May.  Instead, they will have to be cleared by the school before their cap and gown is delivered.


Last Modified on December 7, 2020