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    We have just finished reading Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen.  Students completed on-line Wiki Questions and also prepared a project to present to the class.  There were four projects to choose from; most chose to do a Survival Guide.  Here are the Hatchet Activities to choose from: 
    Survival Guide:  Visitors to the Canadian Wilderness are in for an exciting experience!  They would benefit knowing what to expect.  Create a brochure-style guide that lets hikers know:  What to Expect, Survival Gear to Bring, and Possible Dangers (animals, terrain, foods, etc.)
    FBI Document / Missing Person Report:  It is your responsibility to help find Brian.  You will create a profile that includes: a 10-sentence summary of Brian's situation, a 10-sentence paragraph describing Brian's family life, a 10-sentence description of Brian's personality, a 10-sentence recommendation to help the authorities find Brian, and a missing person poster.
    Emergency Signaling Devices:  Emergency signaling devices play an important role in this novel.  Research these tools to find out how they are used, how much they cost, how the work, etc.  Choose a presentation tool (PowerPoint, poster, mobile, ???) to help you create an oral presentation that will be given to the class.
    Survival Kit:  Create a survival kit for Brian of at least 5 items that would be important to have in his situation.  Write a brief paragraph for each item, explaining why you have chosen the item and how it would help Brian.  Use examples from the text. 
    Here are the slide shows of the projects: