• School Parental Involvement Policy/Plan



    Griffith Elementary School is committed to preparing all students to be life-long learner, critical thinkers and problem solvers for the 21st Century. Our students will meet and exceed growth expectations, have confidence in their ability to learn and be responsible and respectful citizens.

    Griffith Elementary School is committed to providing parents with information in a timely fashion. Information is shared about school-wide programs, descriptions and explanations of the curriculum in use at school, the forms of academic assessments used to measure student progress, the proficiency levels students are expected to meet, and the performance and achievement of individual children.

    At Griffith Elementary School, we begin planning our parental involvement activities before the beginning of the school year.

    C] Parent Advisory Council: Met on August 4, 2016, to discuss Parental Involvement Programs that will enhance the learning of our students. Calendar dates were set for Parent Meetings/Workshops and Family Activity Nights.

    [3   Griffith Elementary School Improvement Team: SIT Representatives met on July 20, 2016, to develop recommendations for a Parental Involvement Programs that will enhance the learning of our students as well as identify two prospective Parent Representatives to serve on SIT.

     Staff Orientation and Planning Days: On August 22-24, 2016 staff orientation was held for the entire staff to discuss School Policies, Student Expectations, Parent Expectations, Conferencing with Parents, Student Service needs, Communication Protocols, and Title I activities and procedures.

    [2 Ongoing: Throughout the school year, activities are planned with our community partners to involve parents, students, and staff. The activities are designed to strengthen the relationship between the school and families along with providing information to parents to ensure the success of their child. The following programs have been planned to involve parents in the learning process and environment at our school.

     Open House, August 26, 2015: Parents and children met their teachers for the coming year. Teachers presented overall classroom structure, curriculum, expectations outlining how parents can be involved in helping their children learn as well as how to providing optimal learning environment at home. On behalf of our community partners the students received free school supplies and book bags.

     Title I Orientation, September 22, 2016: A presentation introducing Title I and the different programs in detail to parents giving them suggestions on how they can help their children at home.

     Parent Compact Meeting, September 22, 2016, parents were given the opportunity to give feedback on the Griffith Elementary School Parent Involvement Policy and the Griffith Elementary School-Parent Compact.

    * Tutoring: Math and Reading Tutoring are offered at Griffith Elementary School twice a week and at St. Peter’s Comprehensive Services Center Monday-Thursday.  Students are transported via WSFCS Dept. of Transportation.


    * Curriculum Nights provide parents and students will play games, make and take   

    activities home that will reinforce skills in reading, math, and science. Activities will be presented that can be used with all age level of students. Classroom teachers will lead these activities.

                       Fall Festival, October 28, 2016: The school will host a festival of carnival games and             

    activities for families including, but not limited to a petting zoo, dunking booth, cake walk, hit the can game, hula hooping, ring toss, face painting, book mobile, bounce house, basketball, and pie throwing.


     5th Graders Learn about Middle Schools: December, February, and May 2016-2017: The guidance counselor will present information to students and parents regarding middle school transition and enrollment. The guidance counselor also will facilitate presentations from middle school representatives and a representative for Crosby Scholars regarding middle school registration and expectations in preparation to becoming College and Career Ready. Parents and students will have the opportunity to ask questions and seek additional information.

     PBIS Incentive: The PAWS Cart is a PBIS Incentive giving students the opportunities to use their PAWS Bucks to purchase incentives awarded to them for demonstrating positive behavior.  K-2 visits the PAWS Cart on second and fourth Fridays and grades 3-5 visits on first and third Fridays.

     Backpack Program: In partnerships with Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC and Friedberg Moravia Church, 50 needy children bring a packaged four-meal backpack home every Friday and return the empty backpack every Monday to be refilled for the following Friday. This program is designed to meet the need for a positive and supportive home learning environment.

     School Newsletters: Classroom teachers send home grade level monthly newsletters to inform parents of upcoming events and report on happenings in their classrooms.

    Specialists send newsletters each quarter. The principal also sends a monthly newsletter to parents.

    * Parent Surveys: Two parent surveys are sent home to all families to obtain ideas for

    school activities and parent workshops. In one survey, parents are asked to evaluate the school on a wide array of issues (friendliness, amount of homework, school rules, property appearance, staff accessibility, academic issues, and the like) and are given choices of topics they would like to learn more about along with choices of days and times that they are available to participate in the workshops. In the other survey, parents are asked what activities they

    would like to see conducted in the school (fall festival, bowling night, movie night, and the like) and how they might be willing to help with the events and activities.

    * Weekly Folders: Teachers send home reports, announcements, special

    communications, and papers each week in the Thursday Folders. Parents are asked to review the papers, sign reports and return them to the classroom teacher. Parents are encouraged to write comments or questions to the teachers and place them in the Thursday Folders.

    * Website: Griffith Elementary School has a website for parents. Academic links are

         included along with important school information. The website is updated

         frequently, and parents and students are encouraged to utilize all the information  

         that is available on the school webpage. Each teacher also has a webpage that is

                           updated regularly and provides information about class activities, homework, and        

                            classroom standards and expectations.                                          

    o Parent Portal: Parent Portal is a resource tool which allows parents to access student            

    information via Internet from remote locations. Parent Portal is an effective mode of communication between teachers and parents and encourages parent involvement and real time student progress reports for parents.

     Blackboard/Connect 5: Parents are contacted with an automated telephone calls weekly with announcements, important information, and up-coming school events.

     Parent Handbook: A Griffith Elementary School Parent Handbook is a resource which is provided to each parent. The handbook covers the following: school policies, attendance requirements, dress code Standard Mode Of Dress (SMOD, school hours and special information about Griffith Elementary School.

     Fifth Grade Graduation, June 2017 and Pre-Kindergarten Graduation, June 2017: Parents are invited to attend graduation ceremonies. Students are acknowledged for achievements in several areas such as academics, character, art shows, good citizenship and special events.

      Volunteer Opportunities: The Parent Involvement Coordinator work to parents and     

         the community to build relationships and coordinate volunteer opportunities as

    well as provide them with the resources to join, operate and hold leadership positions within the PTA.


    This Griffith Elementary School Parental Involvement Policy/Plan has been developed/revised jointly with, and agreed on with, parents of children participating in Title I program, as evidence by meeting minutes. The Parental Involvement Policy/Plan was developed/revised by Griffith Elementary School on September 22, 2016 and will be in effect for the period of the school year.

    The school will distribute this Parental Involvement Policy/Plan to all parents of participating Title I children and make it available to the community on or before December 20, 2016.

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