• Dear Parents and Students
    I look forward to working with all students this upcoming school year at North. 
    Below is a list of the equipment requirements and suggestions for students in the North Forsyth bands.  Most students already own everything on this list, however, it is vital that if you do not own something on this list that you make efforts to purchase these items.  
    1)  Black, three-ring binder.  No sheet protectors, please.

    2)  Access to a metronome for at home practice (required for everyone)
    *** Note:  It is acceptable to have a smartphone/tablet metronome application that ranges anywhere from free to $2.00 to purchase. There are also websites that provide free metronomes. *** Free Online Metronome: http://www.metronomeonline.com/  

    3) Tuner for wind instruments.
    *** Note:  Again, most smartphones/tablets offer downloadable tuners from as low as $.99 to free. ***

    4) Reeds (Woodwinds only) - Mr. Payne provides clarinet and saxophone reeds for $2 a piece.
    Single reed players (clarinet/saxophone) need to have at least 4 good reeds on hand at all times.
    Double reed players (bassoon/oboe) should have at least 2 good reeds at all times.
    5)  Mouthpieces (Brass only) - All brass players are required to purchase their own mouthpiece (see below for recommendations).  While most brass players already own their own mouthpiece, the North Forsyth Band Program does not have the funds to provide everyone with a mouthpiece.  Clarinet and saxophone players are encouraged to use high quality mouthpieces (see list below).  Most mouthpieces that come with the instrument are low quality mouthpieces. 
    6)  Concert Dress – Fittings, measurements, and payments are handled the first month of school. 

    7)  Instrument in proper working condition (read below policy for students renting an instrument)
    WSFCS School Owned Instrument Policy

    North Forsyth loans school owned instruments to students on a yearly contractual basis.  Students are required to pay a fee depending on the instrument and can range anywhere from $25 - $75 depending on the size of the instrument.  These fees are used at the end of the year to send the instruments to the local music dealer for cleaning and repair.

    Percussionists do not pay a fee for school owned instrument use.
    Instruments the North Forsyth Band owns for students to rent:  Tubas, Baritones, French Horns, Bass Clarinets, Baritone Saxophones, Tenor Saxophones.  Students may have to share instruments based on the number and the need.  North does not own any alto saxophones, flutes, or clarinets. 
    8)  Mallets and Drum Sticks (Percussionists only) - Percussionists need to own:
    a pair of general snare sticks, a pair of general yarn mallets, a pair of general hard rubber mallets, and general timpani mallets.  
    A pitch pipe (percussion)
    A stick bag (percussion)
    Clarinet Mouthpieces - Van Doren 5 RV Lyre Mouthpiece
    Saxophone Mouthpieces -  Selmer C*, Vandoren AL3, Eugene Rousseau NC4
    Trumpet Mouthpieces - Bach 5C, 3C, 1 or 1.5C
    Trombone Mouthpieces - Bach 5G or 4G, Schilke 51 or 51D
    Tuba Mouthpieces - Helleberg 120S, Bach 18
    Piccolo Yamaha YPC62
    Flute Yamaha 684 H, Jupiter Di Medici, Altus,
    Clarinet Buffet E-11 (Intermediate) R-13 (Professional)
    Oboe Loree or Fox 400
    Bassoon Fox Renard 220 or 222
    Saxophone Selmer Superaction 80 Series II or III, Yamaha Custom
    Trumpet Bach Stadivarius
    Horn Paxman M20 or Holton 179
    Trombone Bach 42B, BO, or Edwards
    Euphonium Yamaha 321-S or Willson
    Tuba St. Petersburg or Miraphone 191 or 187