• How to register? The registration process can be overwhelming, so please read the information below.

    Concert Band Classes

    When you sign-up for band, you are signing up for a concert band class (similar to what you have in middle school).  We have two high-quality concert band classes that are grouped by ability level.  Your child will audition for me in April or May to be placed in to the appropriate band for them. Students may receive either regular or honors credit for band class.  If he or she wants regular credit, they need to put Intermediate on their card.  If they want honors credit, they need to put Proficient on their card.  Please write your instrument on your card.

    Jazz Band Class

    We offer one curricular jazz band class, which is very popular among the band students.   Students may register for regular or honors credit in the same way they registered for a concert band class.Students must take a concert band class in order to take a jazz band class. This will require two elective slots.  

    Marching Band

    The Marching Vikings is our outstanding marching band.  The band has been performing since 1963 at contests, football games, and local parades. Students can receive a half academic credit for marching band. Marching Band is an extra-curricular activity and is not a class and does not take an elective slot.  Students must take a concert band class in order to participate in the Marching Vikings (except for Color Guard members).