• Reading:  Recognize and write the letters of their name, First Sound Fluency 10+, Letters identification 41 out of 52, Reading level RB (Reading Behaviors), 9+ high frequency words, Recognizing parts of the book (ex. reading left to right, title, front of the book, tracking print, recognizing the difference between letters and words).

    Writing: Personal Narrative (Example: Write a simple sentence, label a picture, write their name, left to right, line by line, can read own sentence.)

    Math:  Recognize and write numbers 0-10, rote count to10, More than, less than, equal to, identify and describe shapes, position words (on, beside, under between, over, below, in), length, width and height.

    Science:  Characteristics of living and nonliving things, Daily weather patterns.

    Social Studies:  Roles of a citizen, how a person changes over time.
Last Modified on February 22, 2017