• Reading:  48+ Letter identification, Reading level D, 45+ high frequency words, beginning, middle and ending sounds, letter sounds, Phoneme Segmentation (/c/ /a/ /t/), retelling a story with details and answering comprehension questions in their own words, Nonsense Word Fluency.

    Writing:  Informative (Example: Using beginning, middle and ending sounds, use capital letters appropriately, punctuation, and spaces between words, can read own sentence, writes more than one sentence, writes a nonfiction sentence about a given topic.)

    Math:  Rote count 0-100, counting and comparing numbers of objects to 20, compose and decompose numbers 11-19, solve addition and subtraction word problems within 10, counting and sorting objects.

    Science:  Earth Day and taking care of our planet, Unit of study- Farm Animals and life on a farm, Forces in Motion.

    Social Studies:  Roles of a Citizen and rules in the community, Community Helpers, Similarities and Differences in cultures.
Last Modified on February 22, 2017