• Reading/Language Arts: Drawing inferences, Theme, Summarizing, Character/Setting/Plot, Context Clues, Poetry/Drama/Prose, Point of View, Compare and Contrast (Themes, Plots, Topics), Text Structure, Reasons and Evidence, Main Idea/Key Details, Similes and Metaphors, Synonyms and Antonyms, Roots and Affixes, Writing Conventions – capitalization and punctuation, Grammar – Parts of Speech, Narrative Writing  (all topics will spiral throughout  school year).

    Mathematics:  Place value ones to the millions. Writing words in expanded form, word form, and standard form. Adding and subtracting through the millions place. Learning the basic multiplication facts, 1-12. Patterns of numbers and shapes. Measurement of capacity, length, weight, and time. Word problems involving all the areas listed above. Area and perimeter in real life situations.

    Science:  Animal Adaptations, Nutrition.

    Social Studies:  Exploration and Colonization, Migration and Settlement Patterns, Characteristics of various American Indian groups in NC, Settlement patterns of diverse groups of the regions of NC.
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