• Reading/Language Arts:   Drawing Inferences, Allusions, Main Idea/Key Details, Summarizing Informational and Literary Texts, Text Structure, Firsthand/Secondhand Accounts, Reasons/Evidence, Context Clues, Comparing and Contrasting pieces of literature, Idioms, Roots and Affixes, Writing Conventions, Grammar – parts of speech, complete sentences, fragments and run-ons, Opinion Writing (all topics will spiral throughout school year).

    Mathematics:  Long multiplication and long division, taught a variety of ways! Ways in which parents may not be accustomed to because of the new Standard Course of Study. Methods involve breaking the numbers apart by place value, the box/window method, and then moving into the standard algorithum ( the way parents know how to do it)!  Division using manipulatives and drawing of pictures, hang man method, DMSCBRC method, them moving into standard algorithum  ( the way parents know how to do it)!  Continuation of measurement. Word problems involving all areas mentioned above.

    Science:  Phases of the Moon, Fossils.

    Social Studies: Growth of State, Development of a state, Key principals and revisions of the NC Constitution, Rights and responsibilities of citizens, Impact of technology in NC.
Last Modified on February 22, 2017