•  Welcome to the Media Center and Technology at KES!

    All Students at Kernersville Elementary visit the Media Center (Library) once a week.  During Media time students learn how libraries work, about literature, and basic research skills.  Students often use technology to create products that show what they have learned from books shared during media time and from researching various curriculum based topics. There is a lab of 30+ Chromebooks for student use.

    KES has two Book Fairs during the year.  One takes place in the Fall of the year and the other in the Spring.  Students may purchase books for their reading pleasure during book fair.  Monies earned from the books fairs help purchase new books for the media center.  

    Students may also visit the Media Center at designated times to check books out on an individual basis.  We strive to develop a love of reading in ALL Students at Kernersville Elementary!
    Our Media Coordinator is Ms. Peggy Norris and our Media Clerk is Ms. Krystal Gaither.
    Our Technology Facilitator is Mr. Patrick Palladino. 
    Ms. Norris Ms. Gaither
    Mr. Palladino