• Welcome to Physical Education at KES!

    At Kernersville Elementary School, students get to participate in physical education (PE) weekly.  During our PE classes, we strive to teach all students how to use their bodies to be physically active as well as instill healthy habits.  This allows students to learn about healthy lifestyle choices so they can grow up to be healthy, well rounded adults.  Throughout the year our focus is to expose students to a variety of sports and fitness activities.  Students learn many of the following:

    Kindergarten through 2nd Grade:

    • Warming up
    • Personal Space
    • Moving Safely into Open Spaces
    • Locomoter Skills
    • Scooter skills
    • Building coordination through hula hoop exploration and jumping rope
    • Cooperation
    • The “MyPlate” good food nutrition and healthy food choices
    • Cardiovascular endurance and understanding why it is important to exercise

    3rd through 5th Grade:

    • Warming up
    • Building total health-physical, mental, social, emotional, and character
    • Parts of physical fitness
    • Ways to build muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance
    • Qualities of a good team player
    • Characteristics of good throwing, catching, and striking skills
    Our PE Teachers are:  Ms. Carolyn Faircloth and Mr. Troy Leath.
    Ms. Faircloth Mr. Leath