• Welcome to Biz Kid$/Financial Literacy at KES! 
    With recent events that led to an unstable economy, our staff began asking, "How can we better prepare our students to be successful when they leave us?" Out of this question came the decision to incorporate a Financial Literacy Class at KES. Made possible by a generous donation from The State Employees Credit Union: Kernersville Branch, Biz Kid$, our Financial Literacy Curriculum was secured and steps were taken to launch the class at the start of 2013-14 to all 4th and 5th Graders.  Now the program, in its fourth successful year, is offered to students in grades 2-5 via the Specials Rotation. To learn more about Biz Kid$ link to the Biz Kid$ Blog, or follow us on Twitter: Jenna Turner@kesbizkid
    Our BizKid$/Financial Literacy teacher is Ms. Jenna Turner. 
    Ms. Turner