• Frequently Asked Questions

    When do I select my classes for next year?

    Registration for classes will take place during February. Each student will have a time assigned to meet with his/her counselor and discuss class selection.  Use the time between homeroom and individual meetings to study registration materials (paper copy of Student Registration Handbook or on-line at WSFCS website), create a list of possible classes and enter selections into PowerSchool.

    How do I decide which classes to take next year?

    Your current teachers will make recommendations for classes for next year.  The recommendations will appear in Power School when you log in to register on-line.  Counselors will provide district placement recommendations during your individual meetings.  You should also base your decision on what you plan to do after high school.  Your guidance counselor can help you determine what classes you will need to be prepared for college, the military or a job.   Most students will take math, English, a social studies, a science and electives.  Graduation requirements are found in the registration handbook.

    How do I register?

    Registration is now done on-line.  You will sign onto PowerSchool through the Student Portal (not the ParentPortal) and select the “Registration” tab.  The template will guide you through class selection based on classes you need to meet graduation requirements as well as which electives you want to take.  The classes you enter will not be final until you meet with your counselor, so do not be afraid to enter a class, even if you aren’t sure about it.  You should complete registration on-line before you meet with your counselor.

    How do I get my registration appointment with my counselor?

    Students were assigned registration appointments and received them on their second semester schedules.

    Can my parents come to my counselor meeting?

    Parents are welcome to attend the meeting with your counselor, but it is not required.  Each student is allotted 10-15 minutes for this meeting, so this is not a time to have lengthy discussions. 

    What if I have a conflict with my assigned meeting time?

    Unfortunately, there is not room for rescheduling appointment times. Counselors will call students down when they have an available slot to register.

    What if I miss my meeting because school is closed due to inclement weather?

    If school is closed due to weather, all student appointments will automatically be rescheduled; you DO NOT need to submit an appointment reschedule request.  The newly-assigned times will be available in Student Services as soon as possible after you return to school.  You should listen to school announcements to find out when the new meeting times will be available.

    What should I expect when I attend my counselor meeting?

    Your counselor meeting is a time for you to decide on the classes you want to take next year and to make sure you are on track with graduation requirements and other courses needed for your specific post-graduation plans.  You should log onto PowerSchool and enter class selections before your meeting.  Each counselor will have three students assigned to a specific 45-minute time slot.  You will check-in with the volunteers at the table outside Student Services.  If you are not the first student to check in for that specific time slot, you will wait in the lobby until you are called. 

    If a parent is coming to my meeting with me, how long should he/she expect to be there?

    Parents who want to attend a student’s counselor meeting should allow 45 minutes to an hour for the meeting.  Even though each student is allotted 10-15 minutes for the meeting, three students share the same time slot for each counselor.  So if you are the third student to check-in for your assigned time slot, you will have to wait until the other two students are done.  Even though counselors try to stay on schedule, there are times when meetings run long.

    How do I register for classes if I am a current 8th grader?

    All 8th graders in the WSFCS district will register for 9th grade classes through his/her middle school.  The Student Registration Handbook and registration information will be distributed by the guidance counselors at the middle schools in February.

    What if I am coming to Reynolds from a private school rather than another school in the WSFCS district?

    Students registering at Reynolds who have not already been in the public school system will need to complete a new student registration packet available on the website or in Student Services.  In order to register for classes next year, you should make an appointment with your assigned guidance counselor by calling the Student Services office at 336-703-4146.

    What happens if I change my mind about the classes I have signed up for?

    If you change your mind before your scheduled counselor meeting, you will be able to sign back into PowerSchool and change the classes yourself on-line.  If you change your mind after your counselor meeting, you should complete a class change form that will be available in Student Services.  The cutoff for changing classes is March 6th. After that time, you will not be able to make changes to your schedule.

    I really need to talk with my counselor!

    Counselors will be very limited in their ability to meet with students during February and March, as they try to meet with all their students about registration.  If you have a question for your counselor, the best way to reach him/her is through email.  The counselors will do their best to reply to emails in a timely manner, and if necessary, they will make arrangements to meet with you.  There will always be one counselor during each 45-minute time slot who is not meeting with students for registration and will be available for urgent needs.

    How do I register on-line?

    On-line registration is done through PowerSchool.  Once the registration portal is activated on January 31st, you will be able to log in to your PowerSchool account and go to the “Registration” tab.  The template will guide you to select required classes as well as give you options for your electives.  If you do not have a PowerSchool login or are having problems logging in, please ask a teacher or go to the Media Center.  They have instructions about how to log into your PowerSchool account. Or click here for instructions.