Personalized Learning in WS/FCS

  • In WS/FCS, we believe education should be focused on the learner. By empowering students to set goals, measure progress, and follow their own path to success, we can help develop their self-efficacy and provide a more equitable, meaningful education. We believe learning should be an engaging experience tied to the real world encouraging us to create, collaborate and communicate with others. As educators, we will communicate accurate progress in student achievement and professional dispositions to students and families in order to continue opportunities for growth as an individual.

    Personalized learning in WS/FCS is defined by four key components: the learning experience, the learning environment, and learner mastery all focused on the learner.


    The Learner:

    Teachers know students and use learner profiles to plan instruction.

    Students set goals, track progress, and communicate their growth to teachers and parents.

    Teachers recognize and appreciate the diversity of students and their contributions to the learning experience.

    Students take ownership in their path to success.


    Learning Experience:

    Instruction is standards-aligned and planned based on student-friendly goals across activities, lessons, and units.

    Lessons are engaging, build inquiry, and are tailored to the needs of the learner.

    Contribution, collaboration, and communication are integral parts of the learning experience.


    Learning Environment:

    The classroom is a safe space with a culture of growth and innovation, which promotes risk-taking and failure that lead to discovery and success.

    The physical environment is flexible allowing different areas for various types of instruction. It is inviting for students to use as needed to meet learning outcomes.


    Learner Mastery:

    Teachers communicate mastery to students and parents.

    Students have multiple opportunities to demonstrate their proficiency with standards.

    Proficiency on individual standards is tracked by teachers and students.