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    2016 Bond Referendum

    Media Center Design

    Request for Qualifications


    Issue Date: 1/4/17

    Vendor Information Session: 1/18 & 1/19/17

    Bidding Closed - Submission Deadline: 2/2/17

    Request To: Educational Furniture Design and Installation Vendors


    1. Overview of the Requirement

    1. This RFQ is designed to solicit qualifications from interested vendors to participate in the design and quoting process for media center furniture.
    2. This RFQ is intended for reputable K-12 classroom furniture and design specialists.
    3. Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools (WS/FCS) passed a school bond referendum on Nov. 8, 2016. This bond includes: capital projects, new construction, technology and media center furniture redesign. This RFQ is designed to select 3-4 vendors to contract with to design our K-12 media spaces throughout the district.


    2. Request for Qualifications

    All inquiries related to this RFQ are to be directed, via email, to techrfp@wsfcs.k12.nc.us. Information obtained from any other source is not official and should not be relied upon.

    One electronic copy of each response must be received before 5:00pm, on 2/2/17 at techrfp@wsfcs.k12.nc.us. Please use subject line <your company> Media RFQ.

    Late responses will not be accepted. In the event of low response from qualified vendors, the RFQ may be reposted.

    WS/FCS will compose a team to review the qualifications of vendors’ submissions.

    The qualifications review committee will check responses. Once qualified, vendors will have the opportunity to design and bid on media center projects. For the purposes of this project, vendors will submit a design and budget of a media center selected by WS/FCS. The vendor will collaborate with the WS/FCS project manager and the selected school’s Media Coordinator.

    This RFQ is not a binding agreement to purchase goods or services. Responses to the RFQ will be assessed considering the qualification review criteria and, if chosen for the shortlist, will be contacted for individual media design.


    3. Initial Design

    To select qualified vendors, a submission of design and cost for Walkertown Elementary School’s Media Center will be requested. WS/FCS will hold two meetings at WES to provide an overview and an opportunity for questions, and allow vendors to gather needed specifications of this media center to create their design submission.

    Interested vendors are strongly encouraged to attend 1 of these 2 meetings as budget and specifications will be presented at this time.

    The dates and times for these meetings are:

    January 18, 2017 9:30-11:30am

    January 19, 2017 9:30-11:30am



    Walkertown Elementary School Media Center

    2971 Main Street

    Walkertown, NC 27051

    If you plan to attend our vendor sessions please fill this link out:  https://goo.gl/forms/stUe2UdQydIrgms93

    Link to Presentation


    Any other questions or information needed should be directed to techrfp@wsfcs.k12.nc.us. No other contact with the media coordinator should be made outside of these 2 vendor meeting dates.


    4. Services

    Qualified vendors should be able to provide the following:

    1. Collaborate with Media Coordinator, WS/FCS Technology Department, and WS/FCS Library and Media Director on design elements, cost bids, product selection, and planning.
    2. Vendors will provide detailed digital designs and print versions as requested.
    3. Verify furniture layouts adhere to all State and Federal American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.


    5. Evaluation Criteria

    1. At least 5 years K-12 design experience
    2. Experience with K-12 learning commons/media center design
    3. Proven capacity to deliver the project requirements on time and on budget
    4. A design for the media center at Walkertown Elementary School with schematic and costs including installation.
    5. 3 school district references, preferably NC


    6. Submission Requirements

    1. A completed Vendor Cover Sheet: http://bit.ly/coversheetrfq
    2. A statement of interest
    3. A resume outlining the respondent’s experience, the experience of key team members and a response to the qualification review criteria
    4. A fee proposal and design for Walkertown Elementary School
    5. Three professional references
    6. A statement of vendor’s/company’s Historically Underutilized Business status.


    Vendors must meet or exceed WS/FCS Bonding and Insurance Requirements




    8. Terms

    WS/FCS reserves the right:

    1. To supplement, amend, substitute, or otherwise modify this RFQ, including the schedule, or to cancel this RFQ, at any time;


    1. To require any companies or persons to supplement or clarify its proposal or provide additional information relating to its proposals;
    2. of each company or person submitting a proposal;
    3. To waive any defect or irregularity in any proposal received;
    4. To reject any or all proposals;
    5. To share the proposals with WS/FCS employees and contractors as deemed necessary by WS/FCS;
    6. To award all, none, or any part of the services and enter into contracts with one or more of the responding companies or persons deemed by WS/FCS to be in the best interest of WS/FCS, which may be done with or without re-solicitation;
    7. To discuss and negotiate with any company(-ies) or person(s) their proposal terms and conditions, including, but not limited to, financial terms;
    8. To request a sample of products to groups of end-users;
    9. To terminate discussions and negotiations with any company at any time and for any reason.
  • FAQ

    Posted by WS/FCS Technology Department on 1/18/2017

    If you have any questions regarding the RFQ please ask them here and we will respond to them as quickly as possible.

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