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    Teacher Instructional Assistant
    Ms. Silviana McClellan Ms. Carol Schwartz
    Ms. Stephanie Rickman Ms. Brooke Taylor
    Ms. Angela Watt Ms. Brandi Banks
    Ms. Spencer Walters Clarissa Johnson
    Ms. Meredith Wickstrom Ms. Alma Cubiero
  • Kindergarten Student Supplies List

     ★   Earbuds or headphones for classroom Chromebook ★ 4 boxes of Crayola crayons ★ 1 box of washable markers ★ 2 packs of pencils ★ 10- 20 glue sticks ★  wedge or pencil top erasers ★ 2 (vinyl/plastic) folders with prongs ★ 1 book bag with no wheels ★ 1 change of clothes just in case (plastic bag with name) ★ Kleenex ★ 1 box plastic sandwich/quart and gallon bags ★ 1 hand sanitizer ★ 1 pair Fiskars Scissors pointed tip ★ 1 personal dry erase board with dry erase marker ★ 1 plastic pencil box (large enough to hold 1 box of crayons, scissors, glue stick and pencil ) ★ 3-4 pack of Playdoh

    High Frequency/Sight Words for Kindergarten


    Math Fluency Practice

    What's the Number?


  • Online Resources for Kindergarten Students and their Families:

    New for 2023-2024...

    Online Learning Management System for Kindergarten

    Click the image below to login:

    Summer Support Program (click image above for link)

  • Please consider donating the following items to your child's class:

    • Additional Earbuds or Headsets for Chromebook
    • Kleenex
    • Clorox wipes
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Flushable wipes
    • Extra Underwear (girls/boys)
    • Napkins/Paper Plates/Plastic Utensils/Paper Cups
    • Extra Crayons and Glue Sticks
    • Kindergarten Board Games such as Candyland/Chutes & Ladders
    • Ream of White Paper or Colored Paper
    • Play Dough
    • Stamps and Stamp Pads
    • Seasonal Stickers
    • Sidewalk Chalk
    • Sand buckets and toys
  • Possible Field Trips

    Smith Hollow Farm

    Greensboro Children's Museum


    Greensboro Science Center

    (Please note there is a typical cost involved in each field trip, which includes bus transportation. We also must plan in advance due to bus availability.)

  • Get A Jump Start on Kindergarten (Things your child should be able to do):

    Write their own name

    Fine motor skills: Pencil grip and scissor hold.

    Alphabet knowledge

    Letter sounds

    Rote counting to 20

    Naming basic shapes

    Naming basic colors

     Quarterly Expectations

    Transition to Kindergarten Smoothly

    Kindergarten is such an exciting part of a child's life. Coming to “big school” comes with big changes. It is completely normal for a few tears to be shed during the first week. As routines are established, this will subside.  Your child will start to feel more and more comfortable with their new surroundings and making new friends.  We encourage independence.  Our goal is for each child to be able to come into the classroom, unpack their belongings and get settled to begin their day. We look forward to making Kindergarten a smooth transition for our new Cash Cougars!

Last Modified on September 8, 2023