• Multiple Intelligences & STEM Programs

    Teacher:  Mrs. Jennifer Eminger

    All students will be introduced to Robotics and Coding this year.

    We received PTA funding for BEE BOTS, a local grant for MOUSE BOTS, and the district is providing Lego SPIKE Kits for our 3-5 students this year. 

    In addition, students at different grade levels will participate in some of the following activities: 


    • Students will be introduced to computers and practice placing their hands in the home position on the keyboard to establish proper keyboarding skills.  Initially, students will be taught how to use QR codes to access their learning. Students will also learn where numbers and letters are located on the keyboard, how to open programs, type in specific website addresses and add addresses to their favorites. 

    First and Second Grade:

    • We will expand basic computer skills and how Google Docs and Slides can be used with specific classroom assignments. 

    Third Grade: 

    • Our students will focus on Google Suites: Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The programs will be integrated with their classroom work to show how technology can be used to enhance their studies. 

    Fourth and Fifth Grade:  

    • We are thrilled our 4th and 5th Graders will get to participate in Walking Classrooms this year. 


Grades 4 & 5 Walking Classrooms

Last Modified on June 24, 2023