• We Now Have e-books!

    See below instructions for accessing our e-books

    On the MSES media page, select "Destiny Online Catalog" and then "Mineral Springs Elementary School".

    1. Select “catalog”
    2. Under “Material Type” select “Electronic Book" (e-book) and then select “keyword”
    3. The only e-books available to MSES students are the ones marked with an "e" in a square with a dark blue background 
    4. Choose a book with a blue box e and click the word "open" to the right of the book title.
    5. You will be taken to that book title. You will need to choose whether either the button to "read the book page-by-page" or "read the whole book at once" in the center of the screen. 
    6. The audio is automatically set as "ON" so if you don't want the audio to play, click on the green audio button along the bottom toolbar of the book.
    7. Other items on the book toolbar are (from left to right): X will close the book which will automatically take you to the list of all e-books available from this vendor at Mineral Springs Elementary (clicking on the picture of any book on that particular will take you to a screen that gives you a summary of the book and clicking PLAY BOOK on that summary screen will start the book); PAGE allows you to select actual pages where you want to begin reading; WORD highlights each word as it is read across the page (green=on, black=off); AUTOPLAY will start reading the book and will continue to the end or whenever you click on the white triangle along the book toolbar to stop the reading (green=on, black=off); AUDIO will read the entire book until you click on the white triangle in the center of the book toolbar to stop the reading (green=on, black=off); CONTENTS shows the contents of the storybook (clicking on any of the items in the CONTENTS list will take you to that item in the book); GLOSSARY shows words used in the book with their definitions; FULL SCREEN will take the book to the full screen and you can press ESC on your keyboard to return to a standard screen. 
Last Modified on October 17, 2019