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    The 2019 Speas Global Soccer League has come to an end. We are happy to report a very successful 5th year of building students' character, social skills, and promoting a healthy lifestyle through sports. As always we continue to strive to give students the necessary tools to be competitive in our rapidly changing global society.

    Congratulations to Mr. Tolbert's team (Madagascar in white) who defeated Mr. X. Acuna's Team (Jamaica in green) in the Championship Game to win the ROBERT ASH TROPHY.

    These are the final ranking:

    1st Place - Madagascar (white)
    2nd Place - Jamaica (green)
    3rd Place - South Korea (red)
    4th Place - Ecuador (black)
    5th Place - El Salvador (blue)
    6th Place - Sweden (yellow)

    Congratulations to all coaches and players for a wonderful season!

    The Speas Spring Soccer League is here once again!
    Speas Global Elementary school is hosting its 5th coed, Intramural Soccer League season. The aim of this league is to build students' character, social skills, and promote a healthy lifestyle through sports as we continue to strive to give students the necessary tools to be competitive in a global village.
    Our Soccer League is open to boys and girls in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. If you would like your child(ren) to participate you must fill out a permission form. Forms are sent home in the Tuesday packet or they can be obtained in our office. Parents are also responsible for picking up their child(ren) after Soccer League.
    Parents need to provide shin guards, black soccer socks and soccer cleats or regular sneakers. These things can be purchased at any sports store or "Big Box" store in the sports section. Other than providing your child with these basic safety items there is no cost associated with the league. 
    Speas Soccer League is an avenue for positive development of our young people. Parents, teachers and staff are invited to come out and cheer for your favorite country (team).  
    Staff members, parents and volunteers will participate as coaches, assistants and referees. Please contact the office if you would like to volunteer your time to be a soccer coach or referee for the kids. 336-703-4135 
    More information about the practice sessions and game schedule will be provided once we have permission forms returned and know how many players we will have.
    The Soccer League will start practice on April 4, 2019. Practices for students will be on Thursdays from 3:00 - 4:30 p.m. 
    The games will be on Fridays also from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. Once the games begin, there will not be practice during game weeks. See the schedule below.

    Schedule: Times are all 3:00-4:30

    Thursday, April 4—practice

    Thursday, April 11—practice

    Break - Spring Break and International Night 

    Friday, May 3—games

    Friday, May 10—games

    Friday, May 17—games

    Friday, May 24 —Championship Games

    *Weather might cancel some games and May 31 and June 7 are tentative make-up dates for rained out games. If games are canceled due to weather we will announce this on our twitter page as soon as possible so families can change transportation plans with their child's teacher.

    THE CHRONICLE, May 18, 2017
    Soccer is the most popular sport on the planet.  Starting on May 12, third, fourth and fifth grade students will be participating participated in the third annual Speas Global Elementary School co-ed intramural soccer league.
    The aim of the league is to build students, character, social skills and promote a healthy lifestyle through sports while continuing to strive to give students the necessary tools to be competitive in a global village.
    The league is separated into six different teams that represent different nations from each continent. For the students to be eligible they need to maintain good grades and have good behavior in the classroom as well.
    Speas Elementary teacher and soccer league organizer, Joseph King, says because the school is a global school and soccer is a global sport, the two go hand in hand.
    “The kids get to work together and learn to get along with one another better,” King said.  “For me I enjoy seeing the smile on the kids faces.  Being able to see the kids that can actually play soccer influence the ones that do not have that much experience is a great thing to watch.”
    Speas Elementary Principal Robert Ash thinks the soccer league is a great incentive for the kids to maintain good behavior in class.  He says the league fits right in line with the ideology of the school while also teaching the kids about geography at the same time.
    “The students really like to participate in the league because we have a large number of students who play soccer,” he said. “Whether it be in the neighborhood or outside of school so they are familiar with the sport and they enjoy it.”
    “By linking the teams to the different countries, it goes to our philosophy and our belief in being a global school. Even with the coaches and some of what they do is talk about the different countries that are being represented.”
    Ash says that each grade level has a particular continent they focus on and each class within the grade levels concentrate on a particular country.  He said this allows the students to learn about different cultures.
    “We know that soccer is a global sport and that every country plays it,” Ash went on to say.  “This is just a great opportunity to link all of this together.”
    The opening ceremonies for the league took place on May, 12.  The league will run until June, 2 and will conclude with the playoffs, where two teams from each group will face off until a champion is determined.
    The school says that the league is an avenue for positive development for their young people.  They encourage parents, teachers and staff to come out and cheer on the teams.  The games will be played each Friday at 3p.m.
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