• Update: Senior CTE Concentrators will take the ACT Workkeys test on Wednesday, April 14th at 8:45am.  Please check your school email for more information.


    All About WorkKeys


    A guide


    Assessment Details:

    There are 3 separate tests, Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, and Locating Information. Each take 45 minutes. You can score from 3 to 7 on each test. For the Math you will be given a formula sheet. You can qualify for a National Career Readiness Certificate. Here are some General tips:


    • Read the full question
    • Go to the question and take it apart- read it before you look at the graphic
    • Scan graphic
    • Pinpoint the answer
    • RTFQ again


    Extra Information:

    • Almost every graphic contains a ton of info you won’t need- don’t waste your time trying to figure it out



    • Letter of the day- pick one for answers you don’t know and stick to it
    • There is no penalty for guessing- Don’t leave any blank!


    Pace yourself:

    • Work through the questions deliberately and carefully- don’t rush
    • If a question stumps you, pick the LOTD and move on
    • When there are 5 minutes left, fill in the LOTD for all blank questions


    Here is a web site for you to try some practice questions: http://actworkkeys.weebly.com/


    So how can you use this test?

    • Watch a Youtube video about it here.
    • It gives you a Career Certification
    • Include WorkKeys scores on your resume and job applications and include it in job interviews
    • Search for jobs by your skill level using this web site: keytrain.com/profile_search/
    • It can help you get into some community college programs and get work during school


    Other Resources:


    Online Practice Tests:

    - Go to:  ACT WorkKeys Practice Tests

    - Find Online Practice Tests in the left toolbar, click that.

    - Click on Select a Practice Test

    - Create an account for ACT WorkKeys

    - Scroll down click on Select a new Title

    - Select and launch a practice test for any of the three: Applied Math, Workplace Documents, or Graphic Literacy

    - Once you start a practice test you need to finish it or you will lose your answers, however you should be able to take them as many times as you want to.

    - Use your scores to focus your studies on the section(s) you scored lowest on



Last Modified on February 24, 2021