• Update: All Senior January Graduates will take the ACT WorkKeys on Friday, December 4th 2020 at 9am in the Media Center.  Please check your school email for more information.

    All About WorkKeys

    A guide


    Assessment Details:

    There are 3 separate tests, Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, and Locating Information. Each take 45 minutes. You can score from 3 to 7 on each test. For the Math you will be given a formula sheet. You can qualify for a National Career Readiness Certificate. Here are some General tips:


    • Read the full question
    • Go to the question and take it apart- read it before you look at the graphic
    • Scan graphic
    • Pinpoint the answer
    • RTFQ again


    Extra Information:

    • Almost every graphic contains a ton of info you won’t need- don’t waste your time trying to figure it out



    • Letter of the day- pick one for answers you don’t know and stick to it
    • There is no penalty for guessing- Don’t leave any blank!


    Pace yourself:

    • Work through the questions deliberately and carefully- don’t rush
    • If a question stumps you, pick the LOTD and move on
    • When there are 5 minutes left, fill in the LOTD for all blank questions


    Here is a web site for you to try some practice questions: http://actworkkeys.weebly.com/


    So how can you use this test?

    • Watch a Youtube video about it here.
    • It gives you a Career Certification
    • Include WorkKeys scores on your resume and job applications and include it in job interviews
    • Search for jobs by your skill level using this web site: keytrain.com/profile_search/
    • It can help you get into some community college programs and get work during school


    Other Resources:


    Online Practice Tests:

    - Go to:  ACT WorkKeys Practice Tests

    - Find Online Practice Tests in the left toolbar, click that.

    - Click on Select a Practice Test

    - Create an account for ACT WorkKeys

    - Scroll down click on Select a new Title

    - Select and launch a practice test for any of the three: Applied Math, Workplace Documents, or Graphic Literacy

    - Once you start a practice test you need to finish it or you will lose your answers, however you should be able to take them as many times as you want to.

    - Use your scores to focus your studies on the section(s) you scored lowest on