• Teachers:

    Sarah Macrow

    Jennifer Reasoner

    Erin Rulon

    Casey Van Winkle


  • Welcome to Second Grade!  Your child will work on the following topics in each subject:


    * Nonfiction and Fiction Texts

    * Informational Text

    * Answer questions using evidence from the text


    * Narrative Writing

    * Opinion/Persuasive Writing

    * Explanatory Writing


    * Problem solving with addition and subtraction

    * Place value

    * Problem solving with time and money

    * Measurement

    * Number lines

    * Graphing

    * Addition and subtraction within 1,000

    * Fractions

    * Shapes


    * Life Cycles

    * Plants

    * Weather

    * Matter

    * Sound

    Social Studies

    * Citizenship

    * Government

    * Economics

    * Geography

    * Cultures/Communities

    * History

  • Best ways to prepare your child for second grade

    Hey Parents!

    One of the best ways to prepare your child for second grade is to READ, READ, READ.  You can read to them or with them. When you're finished a book or chapter, ask them questions about what they read. You can even have them answer these question stems by writing the answers.

    Stems for Instruction

    Reading strategies (Spanish)

    Another way to help strengthen your child's writing before coming to second grade is to keep a journal. Encourage your child to write about what they do each day.