• Teacher names:

    Melissa Bacarri

    Tammy Barnes

    Pamela McDonagh

    Krista Moroni

    Jennifer Seabourn

  • Bulldog POWER Expectations

    Bulldog Pup of MSES, you are expected to show Bulldog POWER in all areas of our school. POWER choices earn bulldogs bucks which can be spent in our Doghouse Store each quarter along with entering your name into our raffle drawings every month. POWER choices also earn classes merits which help your class reach a bi-monthly goal to earn a fun day of rewards.








  • Grade Scale

    A 100-90

    B 89-80

    C 79-70

    D 69-60

    F 59 and below

  • What will your 5th grader need? 

    · color pencils or crayons

    · markers (optional—preferably washable)

    · scissors (that fit your student’s hand)

    · glue sticks (most students use 2 glue sticks per month) OR 2 bottles of white glue

    · packs of #2 pencils (mechanical or regular wooden)

    · 6  spiral notebooks
    (We will use 4 at the beginning of the year. Students will need a second notebook in both math and science 3rd and 4th quarters. These may be either wide or college ruled paper.)

    · 5 two-pocket folders (they may have prongs but not necessary)

    · 2 boxes of tissue

    · book bag/back pack (no wheels)

     We will be using our notebooks daily—usually gluing in notes or hands-on activities that involve gluing pieces. Glue sticks work much better than bottles of glue because of how easily they dry and are less messy.

    Some school supplies may need to be replenished during the school year. You may want to consider buying a few extra to save while supplies are on sale.

  • Academic Expectations for this Year


    • place Value through the thousandths decimal place
    • multiplication by up to two-digit numbers
    • division by up to 2-digit divisors
    • adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing mixed numbers and fractions,
    • geometry
    • measurement - converting between customary units and metric units
    • graphing with an emphasis on coordinate graphing


    We will continue to build on literary skills by reading more challenging texts with stronger vocabulary. Students will be asked more rigorous questions that will require them to refer to the text, provide explicit facts and summarize.  

    Language Arts

    • Build vocabulary
    • Word structure


    •      Genetics & Heredity
    •      Ecosystems & Habitats
    •      Weather & Climate
    •      Heat Transfer
    •      Matter Properties and Changes
    •      Forces and Motion
    •      Human Body Systems