• Plans


    Step 1: Open an internet browser and go to http://indistar.org/
    Step 2: Click Login
    Step 3: Use the following login for both the username and password:   guests5963
    Step 4: Click Reports/Wise Ways/Indicators & Rubrics Tab
    Step 5: Click Comprehensive Plan under Student Success Indicators
    The document that comes up is our current school improvement plan. 
    For a list of our current goals, click the Mission/Goals/Selected Indicators Tab





    Principal- Trent Watkins 

    Assistant Principal- Julie Hartness

    District Staff- Rusty Hall

    S.I.T. Chair- Mandie Cain

    Process Manager -Tamecka Dixon


    Pre-K Teacher -Brianna Davis

    Kindergarten Teacher- Ashley Fraser

    1st Grade Teacher Tamecka Dixon

    2nd Grade Teacher- Jennifer Dixon

    2nd Grade Teacher- Emily Denny

    3rd Grade Teacher- Mary Moss

    4th Grade Teacher -Bethany Penn-Ruth

    5th Grade Teacher- Kallie Payson

    Specialist -Natasha Crisp

    Teacher Assistant- Jennifer Fisher

    Exceptional Children- Jennifer McCain

    ESL Teacher- Ibeth Guzman

    Media Specialist- Ka'lynn Ravel 

    Parent Involvement Coordinator -Edgar Ramirez




    2021-2022 Meeting Dates

    SIT Meets in the Media Center or Virtual Zoom Meetings on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 3:00 p.m.